West Coast Cool – The Reviews Are In!

“This is an utterly fantastic jazz vocal date that raises the bar so high; critics will be comparing dates 50 years from now to this one. Killer Stuff.”
Chris Spector – Editor and Publisher Midwest Record

“Cheryl Bentyne and Mark Winkler make the hippest guy/gal vocal duo since Jackie and Roy.”
Joe Lange – Jersey Jazz

“The only thing that disappoints me about WEST COAST COOL is that I’ll never hear it for the first time again. Jump to any place. One of them will be singing great, or both of them. In counterpoint and in harmony. No blemishes.”
Brian Aranault – Record Rack

“WEST COAST COOL is artistry that is beyond words. Wow. Just Wow.”
C. Michael Bailey- All About Jazz

“…The smooth and vibrant vocals of Winkler and Bentyne, who together that that oft-used phrase “dynamic duo” to a much higher level.”
Ed Bianco – All About Jazz

“One of the few male/female duets in vocal jazz that finds both participants working on equal footing. Grammy winner Cheryl Bentyne turns in her finest effort in a decade and Mark Winkler continues to wow audiences and critics alike with his spot on vocal performances which seem to grow by leaps and bounds with each subsequent release.”
Brent Black – Critical Jazz

“Sharper than a shark skin suit lapel, and swinging harder than a hammer thrower, singers Cheryl (Manhattan Transfer) Bentyne and Mark Winkler deliver a red hot tribute to West Coast Cool.”
George W. Harris- Jazz Weekly

“…But it is their shared efforts- particularly the title track, with Winkler’s hipster-list lyric married to Neal Hefti’s “Li’l Darlin’- that satisfy most, bottling the effervescence of their simpatico rapport.”
Chris Loudon- Jazz Times

“Together they are downright irresistible. Not many jazz duos match up like this one.”

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