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Going where no one has gone before, Jazz Singer/songwriter, Mark Winkler, tackles the songbook of legendary 60s/70s icon Laura Nyro–and does it his way. Featuring arrangements by Eli Brueggemann (current Musical Director of Saturday Night Live) and Jazz heavy hitters Eric Reed, Anthony Wilson, Bob Sheppard, Larry Koonse, Cheryl Bentyne and even… The Mills Brothers! Mark covers Laura’s more well known tunes (Stoned Soul Picnic, And When I Die and Sweet Blindness) and some choice album tracks, revisiting her songs that are melting pots of jazz and pop and soul and taking them to the “jazz” side.

[mp3j track=”AndWhenIDie.mp3″ ind=”n” bold=”y” volslider=”n” flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”StoneSoulPicnic.mp3″ ind=”n” bold=”y” volslider=”n” flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”CaliforniaShoeShineBoys.mp3″ ind=”n” bold=”y” volslider=”n” flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”TimeAndLove1.mp3″ ind=”n” bold=”y” volslider=”n” flip=”y”]
“The star among stars is Winkler’s exceptional voice, one possessing that indefinable quality that makes it memorable without exactly understanding what is so superb about it. The Laura Nyro Project betrays the care and love Winkler and company put into the session; this is an excellent vocal outing by any measure.” — All About Jazz, C. Michael Bailey “Finding the jazz in Nyro’s New York street roots, Winkler does a mighty job of crafting something that would have been jive in lesser hands. Anyone that loved Nyro’s classics will not be bellyaching about anything after a spin here. Hot stuff throughout.”
— The Midwest Record